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Point of Sale Material:

In the course of promoting Citation products, you may want to create materials that use our logos, quotes from media coverage, awards, and other background information. This section of our web site gives you immediate access to customizable sales pieces, and to our logos.

Citation Point of Sale Materials use conventional small business publishing tools such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher and are typically converted to .pdf format. You will need to have these programs on your system in order to download and use CItation Wines' shelf cards, one-page sell sheets and table tents.

By downloading the Citation trademarks, you signify your acceptance of our "Terms and Conditions".

Download and Edit Instructions:

Click on the download link and if your system has the required software, it will automatically launch the program and the document. The document will be downloaded into your "temporary" folder on your hard drive or according to preferences set otherwise on your system.

You may either use the exact POS Materials provided or you may edit them according to our Terms and Conditions for Use.

Content on the sample POS Materials can be substituted with descriptions, reviews, awards, quotes, etc. from this web site and are referenced with the downloads. Simply select and copy the text from the site and paste it over the existing content on the template. You may write your own content but it must adhere to our Terms and Conditions for Use.

You may not copy and re-use graphics from our web site as they are not formatted for print.

Materials have been formatted to fit 8 1/2"x 11" paper and may need to be cut prior to folding. If your addition of content affects the layout of the page, you may need to edit or re-format accordingly